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Phone 9am-5pm MST: 720.593.8247


  • How long will it take to make and ship my custom tags and/or openers?
  • Because we have streamlined our processes, we can typically give you a proof within a day of receiving your logo/artwork. Once approved, we can typically print within 24 hours and ship. If you need it faster give us a call and we can rush it! Customer service is our top priority. If you need it quickly, we can do it!
  • I don’t see any white on your tags or openers. Can you print white?
  • The short answer is no. Our proprietary tags and openers are a sheer metal. We specifically designed our process to replace any white and with the shear metal color. This gives the tags their holographic and semi-industrial look. When the metal shines through, the luster gives it a unique appearance like no other luggage tags on the market. That being said, if you really want white, contact us and we can give you some alternatives.
  • Will the luggage tags or bottle openers fade in the sunlight?
  • Our products are resistant to fading, but sunlight will fade them over time. Lets face it the sun is a massive star generating all kinds of UV light and a crazy amount of heat. We expect that you’ll get sick of the design before it fades enough that you won’t like it anymore. If you have a tag that has faded, contact us and we’ll entertain a replacement. The better the story, the better the chances of a replacement.
  • Can you put any image on your products?
  • Yes, yes we can. Our designers will help you make the most of your image so it looks great on our products. We have been working with logos and images on our products for more than 3 years. We’ve tried almost every combination you can think of, and 99.9% of them look great. For that 0.1% of the others, we’ve figured out great workarounds to make those cool too. let us give your image or logo a try! We won’t however put licensed images on our products without permission or a licensing agreement in place. Sorry gang, currently we don’t have any sports licensing, but if you know a company that does and is looking for more suppliers, send them our way, we’re always looking for great partnerships!
  • My (dog, cat, ferret etc) just ate your product, Are your products toxic?
  • First off, that’s amazing. Any pooch, cat or other beasty that can eat one of our products is simply the toughest being on the planet. Kudos to you for having such a badass metalivore. Will they get sick? The short answer is we don’t know, but when we queried our staff, no one here would risk not calling a specialist – not because of the coatings (those don’t worry us), but because passing metal shards can’t be easy or fun. Call your vet please.


  • How big are the original rectangular luggage tags?
  • Our proprietary luggage tags are 2.32 inches (59mm) wide and 4 inches (102mm) tall. they are approximately 3/64 inch (1.1mm) thick.
  • What are the luggage tags made of and are they durable?
  • Our luggage tags are made 100% in the USA. They are made from recycled aluminum and we print them in our facility. They are 100% recyclable – even the ink/printing can be recycled. The cable that holds them in place are imported and are made from stainless steel with a screw connector. All components are very durable and this tag will stay on your bag until you take it off, or when the connection point on your bag breaks. whichever comes first!
  • Will the luggage tags scratch or chip?
  • Our tags are made using a process where large sheets of material and triple coated and wet sanded on one side for a high gloss and durable coating that we print on. This coating is very scratch resistant. These sheets are cut into our shapes by our manufacturer and because of this, the edges are not coated. Since the edge is not coated , it is possible that with all the dings and abuse that a tag may take through travels that the coating can be chipped at the edge. If the tag is lighter in color near the edge these will be difficult to see. If your tag is dark at the edges, chips will be noticeable. We have travelled all over the world with our tags and we have found chipping is not a common happening.
  • I don’t see a shape I want, can you do custom shapes?
  • Yes we can, but we have quantity minimums. Give us a call and let us know what you are thinking and we’ll try to make it happen for you.


  • How big are the Speed Openers?
  • Our speed openers are 1.5 inches (38mm) wide and 7 inches (178mm) tall. they are approximately 5/64 inch (1.8mm) thick.
  • What are the bottle made of and are they durable?
  • Our openers are made overseas and printed here at our facility. They are 100% stainless steel. These openers will not easily bend. (yes if you bet your friend after 5 drinks that you can bend it, you’ll win, but why be such a tough guy?) These are not flimsy cheapy toys, these are the real deal!
  • Will the bottle openers scratch or chip?
  • Our openers are made overseas and cut out before they are coated. Because the coating is on all sides/edges, we have never seen a chip in one of our openers. However, because the shapes are coated after they are cut, we can’t get the coating as thick and so they can scratch with normal use over time. I mean lets be honest here, after a few drinks the level of carefulness dissipates in anyone…
  • Can you do other shapes of openers?
  • Yes we can and yes we are. Stay tuned, we have custom shapes on the way soon. We will continue to add shapes and sizes. If you have a custom shape you need, give us a call or email and let us know and we’ll work with you.

POP Displays:

  • Can I buy a display if my order didn’t qualify for a free display?
  • Yes you can. Give us a call or email and we’ll help you get the right display and quote you the price. We typically have them in stock and can ship right away.
  • Why are your displays better than others?
  • We designed our displays specifically for our products. We realize that counter space is a premium and we wanted customers to be able to have a good selection and easily see them all. We also understand that store owners have many things to worry about day in and day out running their operations. We wanted our stand to be high quality, and unique and encourage customers to browse Bagtagery products, so we designed one to fit those parameters. We find that stores that use our displays sell 80%-100% more on a monthly basis than stores that use other displays.
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